All prices listed below are the Suggested Retail Price. Prices may vary per Affiliate Store.

There is a $40 Standard Design Set Up Fee for all jackets. You can choose graphics from the two different
library of images below. Graphics can have minor customization such as your team colors and jersey number.
(Digitizing is the process to convert standard artwork to a format that the embroidery machine understands)
(Vector images have not been previously digitized for embroidery)

There is a
$80 Advanced Design Set Up Fee for designs from the above library links that require major
adjustments such as, changing positioning of arms or legs, changing the head or torso and recreating specific
uniform designs.

There is a $150 design fee to use a customer supplied picture or drawing. (See Example)

The price to embroider the back design (in addition to design set up fee) is based on the amount of stitches
(per thousand) it takes to create the design(s).
  • Price rate is $1.25 to $1.50 per 1K stitches.
  • Middle graphics standardly range from 70K to 120K stitches

Below is an example of how the process works.
  1. Graphic vectors were chosen by the student from our Vector Library of Images.
  2. The student described how he wanted the graphics to be combined and laid out.
  3. He also specified the colors and details, such as jersey numbers.
  4. We create a mock up of the digitized file(s).
  5. Customer confirms layout & details.
  6. Jacket is completed and owner wears it with PRIDE.

The above layout is an example of the Advanced Design Layout Fee ($80) due to changing the football
player's head to a viking head.

Download & Print Jacket Back Details Form
Download & Print Jacket Patch Layout Form
Download & Print Jacket Front Details Form
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Colors (per style):
#1 - Script: 1-color or 2-color / #2 - Fancy Script: 1-color ONLY
#3 - Jersey Block: Letter Color, 1st Outline, 2nd Outline
#4 - Blaze: Top Color / Middle Color / Bottom Color / Outline                      

Back Layout Options:
Custom layout options
are available upon
Back Layouts
*See below for detailed
information on back graphics.

There are a wide range of options available for your back layout of text and graphics. It can be anything from a standard school mascot
to an action picture of yourself. We believe your back design should be as unique as you are!

Take a look at our
Jacket Gallery to see some completed jacket back examples.
When you are ready to design your jacket, go to our
LiveDesigner and start the process.