Chenille numbers, twill or glitter mascots and official NCS patches are just a few of the many patch options. Print our Patch Layout Form.

Choose from script, block, blaze or old english fonts. Colors are customized depending on jacket color.

Choose graphics that represent your sport, mascot, activities, and style. Many customizable options.  View & Print our Guide to Back Designs here.



We design and create every jacket to be as unique as each student. Every jacket is decorated to represent each student's specific awards and accomplishments. Our appointments, order taking, proofing system, and production processes are all put in place to make sure we create every jacket exactly how each student has in visioned.



We give each student an Estimated Date of Completion at order point. Due to the fact that every jacket is unique and can require a varied amount of time to produce, we are unable to give students an exact date of completion. If the Estimated Date of Completion needs to be adjusted for any reason we will contact the student/parent to notify of an updated Estimated Date of Completion. The student is contacted as soon as their jacket has been completed and ready for pick up.


Choose from school crest layout options with mascots or sport emblems along with achievement lines.



View hundreds of jackets that we have created. Even if it's not from your school, these jackets can help you get ideas for your jacket.


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View thousands of graphic options that can be used as is or combined with other graphics. All graphic colors will be customized specifically for you.

Decoration will make   your jacket unique. 

We start with the standard front first name, school crest option, and back last name. Our decoration packets walk you through these options.

The Jacket Gallery will show you completed jackets to get layout ideas. Your Art Pages provides graphics to get your initial design ideas started.

Please spend time reviewing these options prior to your appointment


We no longer add embroidery or patches to customer supplied jackets.