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                                             (Please review prior to using design tool)

Q: Do I need to create 100% of my design with the design tool?
A: No, The design tool is intended as an "Idea Lab". Our Design Team will take your initial design ideas along with
your additional comments and create a design proof for your approval.

Q: Will creating my back design be a quick click process?
A: Usually not, you may need to visit our design tool a few times to get the hang of it. Remember, this is a once in a
lifetime purchase and completely custom. Take your time and just remember that our design team will assist you in
anyway possible to help create the letterman jacket of your dreams!

Q: Can I select my exact jacket colors in the design tool?
A: No, You will select only the body color of your jacket.
This allows you to view your design on the correct background color.

Q: When do I choose my exact jacket colors?
A: You will indicate your exact jacket colors (body, sleeves, trim, pockets & snaps) when submitting your jacket order
in person at our
SF Bay Area Showroom OR online via our webstore.

Q: If I don't see a graphic I like in the design tool but do choose a graphic from www.yourartpages.com,
can I drop those onto the jacket in the design tool?
A: No, if you select a graphic from yourartpages.com you will reference the graphic by it's filename and make
comments regarding specific color choices. Our Design Team will then create the design proof for your confirmation.

Q: What do I do once I create my design?
A: We suggest to always use the email function in the design tool to email yourself a copy of the design. This way
you will always be able to click on the design in the email which quickly opens up that design. You can then forward
that email to us along with any alterations or changes requested.

Q: Can I get a full back design if I do not live near your Showroom OR purchased my jacket somewhere
A: Yes, go to your local jacket shop and purchase your appropriate size and color of jacket. You can then ship us
your jacket to have the decoration added. We will send design confirms via email and can take credit card payments
online. If you already purchased your jacket from another company you can still get one of our awesome designs
added to you jacket back.

Since you have read through our Design Tool FAQ's...you are now ready to start building your design ideas.
Enter the Design Tool here

Contact JacketBack Embroidery directly with any questions: 1-888-554-8326 or info@jacketback.com